Hi Jan,
I wanted to thank you for being a very special part of our wedding day. You were able to capture the emotion of our wedding day and gave us the most creative and beautiful memories! I knew you were special when I asked you to include our cat Lincoln in our engagement session, and you did not even skip a beat.  This was just the start of our “hard to photograph” subjects, of which you had not one issue with as well. You made everyone, including David and I, very comfortable. I loved all of the creative shots that included my bouquet and different areas on the boat. I was more nervous than I anticipated but your smile and patience was a comfort. Some of the most beautiful shots came at the end of the night. I truly thought you were crazy because who looks picture worthy after a 3 hour dinner cruise?! I trusted your judgement and let you create some of the most wonderful memories we could ask for. You are a true artist and I look forward to working with you again. I will always sing your praises and please send any and all to me personally for a reference. Thank you Jan.

Kimberly and David Salerno
Kimberly (DeVito) Salerno
520 Tarpon Bay Road
Sanibel, FL  33957